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Article: Putting art to Work - How Arts-based Learning Helps Business Survive and Thrive
Intrigued by the exponential growth in arts-based learning, this article looks at the reason why arts have so much to offer and the ways in which businesses can benefit from collaborating with artists and artistic processes.

This summary aims to conduct a brief review of the literature in this area, give some practical examples of arts-based-learning in action and conclude how putting art to work can benefit businesses in an economic downturn.

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What's the Value of Arts-based Learning?
For those new to the concept of arts-based learning, it can be hard to visualise what it is and what value it can really add to a business. One of the most forceful, and compelling, voices to promote the subject is Professor Giovanni Schiuma. Author of the book, The Value of Arts For Business.

Speaking at an Arts & Business event in 2010, Prof. Schiuma outlines the power of culture and how arts-based learning can inject critical insight into business strategies. To watch the video of Prof. Schiuma speak cick here.

And find out the result of the Guardian's Poll: Who needs the other more - arts or business?
Innocent Drinks Get Involved!

What does a pineapple, a glue-gun and a lot of plastic sheeting have to do with communication, team-building and strategy definition?

Everything it seems. The pineapple in question became the focal point for a communications workshop with an internal team from Innocent Drinks. Painting a pineapple represents a challenge for any artist. Yet, in this highly interactive course, participants had to rely on their partner to describe the fruit bowl (including pineapple) to them - thus practising essential communication skills.

All participants had a go at painting and describing. The end result? Memorable take-away learning with direct application to the workplace and four new artworks for the office walls. Great stuff!

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